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Hedonist "Hike" 2002
Coast Camp - Point Reyes
October 12-13

The 2002 version of the Confused Hedonist Hike was a bit long in planning,
but the results were worth the effort as usual. Thanks to all who participated, and
we will gather once again on these hallowed shores (OK, campsite) in October 2003.

Have Fun!

 - Will



John, Rose, Yin-Yin

Natalie, Donalyn, Henry

Erhhung & Yin-Yin

Dinner group

Dinner panorama

Making luminarios


Natalie and Luminarios

Erhhung, Rajeev, ...

Melissa, Katya

Meslissa and Emmett

Birthday cake

Emmet, Erhhung, ...

Sumit, Chris, ...

Guys group

Rose and guitar

Gals group

Henry, Wendy, Yin-Yin

Girish, Wendy

Rajeev, Sumit

Erhhung, Girish, ...

John and Rose

Erhhung, Yin-Yin, ...

Yin-Yin, John, ...

John, bonfire

Jacqui and singers

Bonfire group

John, singers

Bonfire panorama

Bonfire, Kathryn


Florian, group

Chris and spotlight

Emmett AM

Camp panorama

Morning group

Jacqui, Girish, Rose

Jacqui and Rose

Natalie & Donalyn

The group

images © 2002 Will Galloway / Girish Hulatti / Confused Club