Hedonist Hike - 1999

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The gallery contains 40 of the images I made on the beach, during the dinner, bonfire, and morning after. The image sizes are designed to fit in a browser window at 800x600 resolution or higher. Please maximize the window if you haven't already. Those of you still using lower resolutions may notice that the pictures are pretty big. Yes, you will have to scroll them.

The slideshow link will take you through the images in chronological order - just keep clicking the "next image" link at the bottom. If you want to jump back, use "last image". The other links take you to the start of the other sections, depending on where you are. You may have to scroll down to see the links at the bottom of each page.

Thanks to Mike S. for putting names to faces for the captions, and the group roster. Comments always welcome.

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Life's a Beach   Beach pictures

Dinner Anyone?   Dinner pictures

Bonfire   Bonfire pictures

The Morning Aftermath   Morning Aftermath pictures

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