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Before you Go...

This page contains some legal stuff about our activities, and your participation in them.
Some things can be dangerous, like mountain climbing, but all are actually good for you.
A link to the signup page is at the bottom, after you've read all of this.



As with any activity consult your physician before participating.The activities
described in or by, but not limited to, the CONFUSED calendar, web page,
list server, club members, and any other associated entity (all hereafter "the club")
may carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. DO NOT participate in these
activities unless you are an expert, have sought or obtained qualified professional
instruction or guidance, are knowledgeable about the risks involved, are familiar
with the experience or character of other participants, or are willing to assume
personal responsibility for all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks associated with
these activities. The club makes no warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind,
regarding the contents of the calendar, web page, list server, or any other club
communication medium, and expressly disclaims any warranty regarding the accuracy,
reliability, or safety of information contained therein. The club further disclaims all
responsibility for any injuries or death incurred by any engaging in these activities.


You must assume responsibility for your own safety at all times, and decide whether
participation in an activity is warranted given present or possible environmental
conditions for the activity and the composition of all persons, including yourself,
participating in the particular activity and their or your relative experience, physical
fitness, mental capacity, and overall preparedness.

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